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As we currently have a large number of PhD students, we are only actively searching for excellent PhD students to carry out research in Information Security Management. These students should have backgrounds that will contribute to our research needs. 
In particular, at the moment, we need prospective PhD students with an Organisational Psychology, or a Cognitive Psychology background, or students interested in Information Security Awareness or Information Security Culture. 


We are only interested in PhD Students. Students must already have a research background with average marks above 80% (once converted to a University of Melbourne mark).

Student Selection

When we are assessing applications we want to know how committed you are and whether we think that you will be able to complete the PhD within the required 3 years. This is assessed by us by looking at your background and your marks so far in your studies. Some of the things we look for are:

  • Have you got a research background - this is essential for Phd

  • Are your marks good enough - an average mark of 80+% (including a research component of study) is normally required to get into a PhD program. 

  • If you are a self funded student you will need a grade of 80% plus with excellent English skills

  • If you are a looking for funding you will need a grade of 85% plus with excellent English skills, and will need to compete for a scholarship.

  • Whether your writing skills are up to scratch

  • Whether your verbal skills are up to scratch (yes we will want to talk to you prior to taking you on)

  • Whether your background is compatible with our research - we do not take on students with a technical computer science background - our research is in the Management of Information Systems Security. Students with a technical background intending to focus on cryptography please contact Dr Udaya Parampalli, for network security please contact Professor Chris Leckie.

  • Do we think that you will fit into our research group and agenda

Student Standard

The Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Melbourne lists the criteria that we will be using to assess your application. These can be found at


 A number of different topics are available which include:​

  • Security and Knowledge Management

  • Decision Processes for Security Management

  • Maturity of Security

  • Security Culture

  • Security Policy

  • Information Security Risk Assessment

  • Information Security Governance

  • Information Security within Health Informatics

  • Current Issues in Organisational Information Security

  • Generational Differences and Impact on Information Security

  • We may also be interested in other topics in Information Security Management that are suggested to us by potential students. 

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