Successful Grant Outcomes

2018 Oceania Cyber Security - Proof of Concept Project

Executive Learning in Cyber Security: Video-enhanced Storytelling for Online Education

Atif Ahmad, Rens Scheepers, Sean Maynard


2016 - 2019 Australian Research Council Discovery Project

Enhancing Information Security through Organisational Learning

Atif Ahmad, Sean Maynard, Richard Baskerville, Mary Crossan, Graeme Shanks (Retired)


2015 Centre for Business Analytics

Enhancing Situation-Awareness using Big Data Analytics

Atif Ahmad, Chris Leckie, Graeme Shanks, Sean Maynard


2015 Melbourne Networked Society Institute

Protecting Personal Data: Australian Privacy Principles and the Internet of Things

Rachelle Bosua, Megan Richardson, Sean Maynard


2009 Teaching Initiatives Fund, University of Melbourne

Developing Informatics 3 Interactive Tutorial System within the Informatics Virtual Learning Environment

Sean Maynard, Sherah Kurnia, Stephen Bird


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Dr Sean Maynard
School of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Vic 3000, Australia