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Associate Professor Sean Maynard

I research information security management from a human perspective. In this research I have focused on information security policy, information security culture and information security governance. My PhD is in Information Security Management and focuses on Security Policy quality. Additionally, in conjunction with my past work on decision support systems and decision making I am interested in the decision making processes involved with information security and information security analytics.

My main area of research is concerned with answering the following research question:

How can organisations adapt to the increasingly complex and evolving security threat landscape?

This question is explored across several different aspects of information security management by a team of Business Information Security researchers including my colleague Professor Atif Ahmad, plus more than 10 PhD students.  This team is situated at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Our view of Information Security is that it is about protecting the enterprise's data, information and knowledge assets (we call this information), across the whole organisation, whether the information is stored in an IT environment, on paper or within the heads of people.  Subsequently, good organisational security is embedded within the organisation's culture and is a top-down process, embedded in quality management practice.

Business Information Security at the University of Melbourne is a unique team of organisational researchers with backgrounds in information systems, business administration, military science, political science, security intelligence, and information warfare. 

Key Research Areas: Enterprise Security Strategy, IP & Trade Secret Leakage, Risk Assessment, Incident Response, Information Warfare.

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